Engraving | NYC

Engraving gives distinction to any printed piece. True classic engraving offers a subtle tactile quality that has long been associated with elegance and prestige.

Modern engraving, developed as intaglio by fifteenth-century craft guilds, begins with a design etched into a copper plate. Using a special die-stamping press, ink is drawn over the plate and wiped clean from the non-image areas of the die, leaving the ink in the etched depressions of the image. Ink remaining on the engraving plate is then transferred onto the paper with heavy pressure, leaving a raised-ink image of superior quality that is always appropriate and always respected.

Each color requires a single engraving die and one press pass. A letterhead with copy at the top and bottom will require two dies and press passes for each. Because of size limitations in the engraving presses, the stamping area is limited.

The results are beautiful and tactile. If you look closely, you will see a bruise surrounding the letters. This bruise results from the stamping pressure, and it gives engraving its unique character. Contrasting thick and thin lines and the fine detail of engraving add beauty to your stationery, invitations, and other print collateral.

We dispel the myth that engraving is slow and expensive; let Karr Graphics show you how when you specify engraving on your next order.

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